Adding ductless HVAC to the winery

When I was just a kid, I used to think that people who were drinking wine were crazy! Who cared about whether it was a dark red or a white wine, or if it was sweet or a merlot.

  • I did not even appreciate the taste either.

As I matured I began to drink it more to relax, in addition to I started to understand how some people could find the topic so neat. The regions, colors and aromas with wine are all so different. Eventually, I even absolutely enjoyed the beverage too. Now that I am older in addition to have saved up for years. I have decided to get my own winery. Over the years I began to drink wine in addition to like the process of making it. I surprised myself with this. My new winery is absolutely awesome, in addition to it is by the family grape fields. The building I make wine in is top notch as well, not to mention the size! The main room is so large, I had to add a ductless mini split into the space to be able to control the temperature. The ductless HVAC had some trouble though. I then had to set up another indoor air handler to handle cooling such a giant space. I then added a new smart thermostat to control the heat in addition to cold temperatures while I leave the facility for days on end. Technology has been such a great thing for my winery. I can change the thermostat anywhere with wifi.


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