A stuck HVAC jingle

Every once in awhile, a song will get stuck in my noggin in addition to no matter what I do, I absolutely can not stop singing it.

Usually they are jazz tunes on my spotify or lullabies that I sing to my kids so that they fall asleep at night.

These I do not mind so much. But, periodically music gets stuck in my head that I do not like at all. To give an example, I currently have our local Heating in addition to Air Conditioning corporations jingle stuck in my head. I never thought I would sing the word a/c so often! I guess that the commercial completed its job, as I am now thinking about how efficient my gas heater is in addition to contemplating buying a new one to save on power. However, I still dislike the song in addition to I wish I could never listen to or think about it again. The word thermostat has been sung far too many times today already. At first I thought maybe to get this Heating in addition to Air Conditioning jingle out of my head all I absolutely have to do is get a weird song stuck in there, but yet, here I am still singing about a/cs in addition to gas heating devices to no end. Not even my number one song could take the place of it! I think I am doomed to hear this song in my brain for the rest of my life. I might as well start to enjoy it, maybe I could even be the singer on the next commercial.