The house we are renting is having HVAC issues

My husband and I have been renting the same house for over twenty years now.

We have thought about moving several times, but we just cannot bring ourselves to do it. Our children grew up in this house, and we have so many memories here. Our landlord is a great guy who has always worked with us. He has done his best to take care of us, and we truly love the man. He is getting older, and he is planning on selling his properties to his nephew. We are super sad about it, and we really hope that his nephew is as great of a man as he is. Our house is actually having HVAC issues right now. The air conditioning in the house is not working very well. The fan still kicks on, and it seems to blow relatively cool air, but it is not as cool as it should be. It is driving us crazy because we are used to having a nice cool house, and right now, our house is at about eighty degrees. We have the thermostat set to seventy degrees, but it is eighty degrees. We have called our landlord, and he has already been over to the house to check out the air conditioning system. He has no idea what is wrong with it either. Everything that he knew to check is working properly, but there is obviously something wrong with the air conditioning. He called an HVAC company that he usually works with, but they were booked for another week. He ended up calling a second HVAC company that he worked with in the past. They are going to have a technician come out tomorrow. I hope they can figure out our AC issues.



a/c worker