Recovering From Surgery Without Air Conditioning is No Fun

Several years back, I had to have abdominal surgery. It was quite challenging because at the time I was also taking warfarin, which is a blood thinner. I needed that because I had once had a blood clot, but taking blood thinners makes surgery and recovery more difficult. Anyway, I ended up getting a staph infection and my recovery was impeded. I was a teacher at the time, and I had to go back to work while I was not fully healed. Wouldn’t you know it?! The HVAC in our school was broken! The entire HVAC system in that building was completely unworkable, and the thermostat often read 90 degrees or higher in that school building. There were two other buildings that made up the school, one with the math and science classrooms, and the other was the gym and locker rooms. The HVAC systems in both of those buildings were working just fine, but the poor old a/c in my building was just a quitter. To be fair, the heating and cooling system was at least twenty years old, so I guess it wasn’t surprising. UNfortunately, though, the school system said it did not have money in the budget to replace the HVAC system, and it would need to be repaired. That was fine, but the thing was so old that the HVAC manufacturer no longer made the necessary replacement parts. That meant our school had to contact a million different HVAC service companies all over the place to see if the necessary HVAC components could be located in a parts warehouse somewhere. Let me tell you, recovering from surgery without a/c is no fun at all.

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