New Addition on the Back of House Will Get Ductless Mini-Split A/C Unit

My partner and I purchased our house, after every one of us were married, and before every one of us had our little ones. At that time, the apartment seemed big enough for our needs. After fifteen years, we have outgrown our home. Our family grew with two daughters, a puppy and a stray cat. The apartment was feeling more cramped for space as time went on. I told my partner that we just need more room. I explained to him that there’s not enough storage space in the house, and our study rooms are filled to capacity with our belongings and making us know too crowded. Every one of us decided that we should build an addition to the back of the house. Every one of us desired a closed in section that was climate controlled. I called our Heating and Air Conditioning provider and asked them to provide a load calculation on our existing Heating and Air Conditioning system. That is when we found out that our Heating and Air Conditioning method was too small to handle the extra load with the addition that every one of us wanted to add on. It was possible for us to buy a bigger Heating and Air Conditioning component and add on to the ductwork, but our Heating and Air Conditioning component was only two years old, and we didn’t want to replace it too soon. Every one of us decided every one of us would get ourselves a ductless mini split a/c unit. This would allow us to cool more than two new rooms in our new addition, and since it can be turned on and off whenever necessary, the ductless mini split would save energy and not add tremendously to our energy costs.

Ductless mini split