MIce in the Attic Wreak Havoc with Ductwork

My family and I began to sense that it was getting warmer in the house.

Every one of us checked out the thermostat setting on the central heating and air conditioner. It was set at seventy-five degrees. The inside component was running. Every one of us tested the outside unit, and it appeared to be running normally. Every one of us reset the breaker and that didn’t seem to help. Every one of us phoned our Heating and Air Conditioning provider. They installed our Heating and Air Conditioning system, and every one of us call them when needed. Every one of us were hopeful that the air conditioner just needed a solid cleaning, and that it wouldn’t cost us a dime out of pocket because of our repair contract. Well, every one of us didn’t weren’t that lucky, sad to say. The Heating and Air Conditioning repairman came and tested out the Heating and Air Conditioning. Everything worked as it should. She then stated that every one of us are apparently losing cool air someplace, so it was time to look at the ductwork. The Heating and Air Conditioning professional climbed up into the attic. She was up there for over 20 minutes. I was getting worried. The Heating and Air Conditioning professional came down from the attic and said we had troubles with the air flow. She said that it looks care about rodents got into the attic and tore up a few air ducts. It could have been squirrels, raccoons or, even worse, mice! Our Heating and Air Conditioning repairman told us the cool air was escaping from the ducts. She said she patched a few of them while up there, but she would care about to closely check them all and do more permanent patchwork. I thanked her for being so thorough.

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