I should have listened to my husband about the air conditioning issues

I had no idea that there was something wrong with our air conditioner until after it was fixed.

I should have listened to my husband a few months ago when he told me that I should call an HVAC technician about our air conditioner.

I told him that there was no reason to call. I did not think that there was anything wrong with our air conditioning system. My husband kept complaining that it was warmer in the house than usual, but I truly thought that he was just crazy. It was not warm to me at all. I had the thermostat set to seventy-two degrees, and it felt like seventy-two degrees to me. I was wrong though, and I only found out because we had an HVAC company come in to check out our furnace. We have our furnace serviced just about every year during the fall just to make sure it is ready for the winter months. While the HVAC technician was at our house servicing our furnace, I told him about a noise that our air conditioner had been making. It was not a very loud noise, but it was there. He offered to check it out, and it turns out that there was a part that was bad in our air conditioner. It needed to be replaced in order for our air conditioner to work properly again. He asked if I had noticed if the house was warmer than usual, and I told him that I did not notice, but my husband had. I should have listened to my husband in the first place.


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