Diner Has an Unreliable HVAC Unit

All eating establishments should have a toiling Heating and Air Conditioning system, then last SAturday, I went out on a date with my girlfriend.

Every one of us had a lot of fun bowling in an air conditioned bowling alley that made it legitimately comfortable to bowl.

That evening every one of us headed to a diner. When every one of us first walked in, I heard the air conditioner running and it was making the diner an uncomfortably cold temperature. I glanced at the thermostat and it was telling me that it was only 54 degrees! I mentioned to the waitress that it was like a freezer and asked if she would turn down the air conditioner, but she apologized and said air conditioner had been unreliable and would randomly make the diner frigid. She went to the air conditioner to turn up the thermostat setting however it made a loud noise and shut down. I wasn’t at all worried about this because I felt care about I was in a cooler. For a little while it was the perfect temperature however soon I started to get warm. I walked over to the air conditioner and put my hand against it and quickly pulled it away. it was as hot as a furnace! I went to the front counter to let the girl know. As I was speaking, the Heating and Air Conditioning professional danced in the door. “The Heating and Air Conditioning professional is here!” she exclaimed and skipped over to greet him. I sat back down at my table and tried to pay no attention to the loud noises the HVAC guy was making. By the end of our date the Heating and Air Conditioning professional had completed the repair on the air conditioner. The cool air began to fill the room and once again I was comfortable. After this experience, I always check to make sure the diner I am going to see has a good Heating and Air Conditioning system.

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