Check with HVAC Company Before Turning Garage into Additional Room

My partner and I totally love DIY projects.

Our latest project was our first big remodeling job.

The idea was pretty straightforward. Every one of us needed to convert our single motorcar garage into a study room. Every one of us started the process by installing a new shed in the backyard to give us the storage space for the items currently in the garage. My partner spent several weekends hauling stuff out of the garage and into the new shed. Once the garage was completely empty, every one of us installed a new garage door. I picked out some absolutely cool, faux wood tile for the floor. After every one of us put in the tile, every one of us custom built a couple of closets. One closet was basically built to hide our washer, dryer and hot water heater. The other closet ran the whole length of the garage to provide enough storage for our daughter’s stuff, and room for our cleaning stuff. In the meantime, I contacted our Heating and Air Conditioning provider and asked if they could schedule a Heating and Air Conditioning professional to run a duct and install a vent into the garage so we could have a/c in there. A Heating and Air Conditioning professional pulled up to our house the following Monday, and installed a new vent into the garage ceiling. After she connected the air duct, I was severely saddened. It didn’t seem care about there was enough cool air exiting the vent. The Heating and Air Conditioning guy said that there was a little cool air coming out, however it was the best that she could was able to make happen under the circumstances. If every one of us wanted better air flow, she explained, then every one of us would have to get the entire ductwork system rebalanced. I wished every one of us had consulted with our Heating and Air Conditioning company before every one of us committed to this idea.

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