After the heater was fixed, we sprinted all the way

When my brother and I were in middle school, my parents took us on a winter vacation.

It’s one of the only times that I remember going on vacation for Christmas.

Most of the time we went to our grandparents house or we stayed home. I remember one time in particular, because the car heater stopped working during our trip. We were driving 11 hours to get to our destination. My brother and I didn’t have any electronics like cell phones, DVD players, or tablets. My parents bought us a travel checkers and chess set. We also had a coloring book with crayons and markers. My brother and I were bored after the first two or three hours. I think my parents were bored too, because my mom and Dad didn’t talk much. My mom was napping and my dad was listening to the radio. It was pretty cold outside and there was snow on the ground. When the car heater stopped working, everyone noticed. My Dad pulled over to a truck stop when my mom started to complain about the car temperature. We were stuck on the side of the road for hours. My dad stood outside in the snow with a flashlight. He must have been freezing cold. He tried a lot of different things to fix the heater. After a few hours, we ended up going to a hotel for the night. In the morning, my Dad took the car to a mechanic to have the heater fixed. I thought we would probably go home after all of the problems, but my mom and dad sprinted the rest of the way.


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