The ductwork fell through

I am someone who goes to old abandoned and run down houses and tells if they are going to need to be torn down or not.

I have seen a lot of disasters when it came to old run down homes that have been abandoned.

Just last week I went to this one house and it was for sure ready for the trash! The main thing about it was that the ductwork from the central heating and air conditioning system that used to be in there had completely caved in! It literally looked like an earthquake or something hit the place! It was hard to believe that something like ductwork from a central heating and air conditioning system could cause such damage to a home! I really could not believe what I was seeing! While I was in there I had to be very careful to not get hit in the head by the falling ductwork that was caving in like a roof! It was literally just dropping off the ceiling! One piece of ductwork actually came a half an inch from knocking me in the head and possibly killing me! Right after that happened I got the heck outta there and marked my notes that this house needed to be torn down ASAP! Normally when there is something like old ductwork from an old central heating and air conditioning system in an old and abandoned house, they call a heating and air conditioning professional to look at it and see if it’s something that can be rescued or not. But with the crashing down and caving in ductwork…I think they could skip that step this time!

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