An unplanned hospital visit

I had a really bad accident last month that I am kicking myself for even happening in the first place.

I was trying to fix my hot water boiler myself when there was a leak in it.

I know how to patch up leaks and stuff like that. I did not feel the need to have to call the local heating and air conditioning company for repair. That costs way too much money to have to deal with that when I can do it all by myself. Well anyway, the hot water boiler ended up leaking a small amount of super hot water on to my hand! I had very bad burns and the pain that I felt I could not describe! I right away got myself to the hospital and had an emergency treatment for the burns that I got from the hot water boiler. It turned out that I had 2nd degree burns on my hand. They did a lot of work on the wound to get the pain to stop and patch it up. Once it was all taken care of, the doctor at the emergency room asked me how on earth it happened. I told him about the hot water boiler was what did it. He told me I was a fool for not getting a local heating and air conditioning professional to do the work! He said that I may have a scar on my hand for a while. This was a hard lesson learned to always call a heating and air conditioning professional whenever trying to fix any type of heating and cooling equipment!



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