We were thrilled that the furnace arrived at our property

I suppose it sounds absurd when someone makes bizarre statement like ‘the furnace is in the property’.

Just a short while ago, that was exactly what the lot of us were saying.

Every one of us easily knew we were going to need to get an up-to-date gas furnace before we got into the winter season. Every one of us just weren’t prepared to have Winter arrive as soon as it did. It wasn’t even October yet & the lot of us just had over a foot of snow fall into our laps. It was easily one of the earliest snowstorms our section had ever experienced & the lot of us had seventeen inches of snow completely fall onto our town. Every one of us tried our best to find a way to keep toasty during those first couple of nights. I had to go to town & purchase a good amount of space furnaces to keep enough heat in the property to keep us from freezing. It was forty degrees outside & that meant that the snow was melting slowly, but at forty & with all of that humidity, it was freezing & miserable inside the property. The space furnaces did an excellent job where they were, but the lot of us couldn’t afford to get enough space furnaces for every room of the property. Approximately a week later, the snow was practically melted & it was beginning to heat up the property a little more. They called for more snow for the weekend & the up-to-date gas furnace arrived on Monday. Every one of us yelled to each other that ‘the furnace is in the property’. By the time they got the gas furnace installed & hooked up in our property, the lot of us knew the lot of us were prepared for the next snowstorm without having to alternate who is with the space heaters.


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