The Music At The Gym

But, since younger people are the main business of this gym, it is understandable

When I go to work out at the gym, I love to hear decent music. However, at the gym I go to, they play utter crap for music! I know, I am probably in the minority, because what they play is all of today’s top hits in music. But, I think it’s all garbage, and that the old music is what they should play in the gym! The younger people that go to the gym wouldn’t appreciate that i’m sure, but us older folks should have somewhat of a say. After all, we all are paying for the gym membership to even be using the gym in the first place. The gym membership is a monthly charge on my credit card. I am almost tempted to start looking for another gym to go to because I seriously can not stand this new music junk! It makes it so I can not even work out properly in this gym. The fitness and body wellness center in town, although a bit more pricey than this gym, at least has no music going on so people can just work out on the gym equipment in there. That’s what I wish would happen at this gym. But, since younger people are the main business of this gym, it is understandable. They have to do what they have to do to keep their gym businesses going. And if the horrible new music blasting is what the gym has to have going to keep the young people coming in, then I guess I have to respect that. But that does not mean I have to like it or even stay at this gym!



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