Team members don't understand why I'm cold

I work in a pretty unique environment compared to most people.

I think a lot of people report to traditional Office Buildings to do their tasks everyday.

They sit in a cubicle or some kind of shared space with a bunch of other computer workers, and stare at screens as they feverishly type away all day. I have some of those qualities in my work, but the environment is very different. You see, I work in a Craft Brewery. Our office is located in the back of our production floor, meaning that there is an open, unventilated production space surrounding beer room where I sit on a computer. I am one of only three people who works on a computer for most of the day and sits in the cool, air-conditioned room. The rest of the building is quite hot and muggy all the time thanks to our inherent climate in this region of the country. Without any ventilation, heating, or air conditioning, the production floor is always like a sauna. On the other hand, the office is always freezing cold because it has a air conditioning system that’s services the office and tap room. It is cold in there! Whatever the guys come in from the production floor, they’re drenched in sweat and exhaustively sit down in the AC to take a chill break. They always look at me like I’m completely insane, sitting in my corner wrapped in a sweatshirt and blanket. I don’t think they realize how cold it gets in that little office while they’re out sweating away in the humid Heat.

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