My Printer Bit The Dust

Uh oh…it actually happened.

  • My color jet ink printer finally bit the dust! It is dead and gone, and I have a lot of labels to print to ship a bunch of packages out that I sold on the internet recently.

My goal right now is to find a brand new printer that I can have overnight shipped to my house, so I can get these packages out in a few days! I will need to print these labels through the USPS website and make sure they are all in order. But without a new printer, I will have to refund everyone’s money because I can not send all the darn packages! I looked online at a few different dealers that sold printers, brand new printers, that is. And these brand new printers were actually on sale! I could not believe my very eyes! These printers were great deals! I decided to order my brand new Epson printer from this site and have it overnight shipped to me. Because of how cheap this new printer was, I was over the moon with excitement that I could actually pay the huge overnight shipping costs and have this new printer shipped to me that fast without breaking the bank, or without paying the cost of a not on sale brand new printer! Needless to say, my new printer arrived the very next day, I got it hooked up, and all was well again. All of my customers were happy when they got the stuff they bought, and I continued my online business.