My garage has really great ventilation

The two of us like to find discarded seasoned Furniture as well as refurbished those pieces.

The two of us care to find many awesome pieces that would otherwise be discarded on the side of a curb.

The two of us know most of these pieces are simply waiting for some fresh paint as well as a whole new look. The two of us cared for these art projects, even though many of the pieces are taking up garage space. The two of us have three or four pieces where we sell our painted furniture to stores. This way they don’t take up much of the garage space for too long. Right now, the summer heat is causing a lot of problems in the space. Even though our garage has some really great ventilation, the two of us honestly have a problem with a lack of air conditioning. If we had a bit more ventilation or air conditioning, then the two of us honestly believe that our projects would not create so many fumes as well as would probably cure a lot quicker. Every one of my friends as well as myself made an appointment to speak with the boiler, air vents, as well as air conditioner consultant. They arrive to tell us fantastic news. We barely had to do any work to the garage at all, and the two of us were able to get a ductless mini-split system installed. The ductless mini-split system has the ability to both key as well as cool, as well as it can function just to ventilate the area.

Cooling install