If my buddy is getting it on with his personal trainer, I have a problem with that

I am not really one who prefers gossip, even though I can say this gossip that I heard I truly can not keep to myself any longer! I have a buddy that has a personal trainer, and from what I have heard about the situation, my buddy and the personal trainer are having a secret affair together! I could not easily believe it when I heard about it, but the personal trainer is a married woman! My buddy is single, and I definitely am not sure if my buddy knew what he was doing with his personal trainer.

If he did though, I have lost all respect for him.

I am not against anyone having sexual relations with a personal trainer or anyone else for that matter, but if the other person happens to be married, I do have a major issue with that. Being I am someone who was cheated on with my ex. But it totally blows my mind that the married personal trainer and my buddy are getting it on together! I almost want to go to my buddy and see if this is just some ridiculous rumor, or, if it is real. I have to admit, I have seen his personal trainer and she is genuinely fine! So I can really see the massive temptation he may have had with his personal trainer. Since I have to live next door to him though, I am upset that if I start asking him about himself and his married personal trainer, that I could start something really bad and make having him as a buddy a total nightmare. That is why I made the choice to write about it here to get it right off my chest.



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