Converting a van to a camper

When I was growing up, my grandparents had the coolest camper I had ever seen.

They were really ahead of their time because they took a regular passenger van and converted it into a camper. They even had a custom cover put on it that lifted up to give more headroom when they were checked into a campground. It was really ideal because they were never limited on where they could drive because it was still the size of a regular passenger van. It was really cool because they had a custom cabinet built to house the small kitchen appliances like the stove, sink, and even a small refrigerator on one side and a small kitchen table built on the other. They removed the standard seating and built a pull out couch for a bed. The only thing that they could not include was a bathroom. Thankfully most campgrounds have bathroom and shower facilities. Because of the confined space they always had to set up a tent for us when we went camping with them so that we would have a place to sleep. Of course this would be a problem now because they definitely did not have seatbelts for us when we were travelling. We would hang out on the back couch area or sit at the table while travelling down the road. We had some really good times in that camper/van and I wish it was still around today. I have seen where people have converted old school buses into campers and that would be fun project too.

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