Bridal fitness class for my friends and I

I am not the typical bride that is around nowadays.

  • I am not making a big deal out of my wedding.

My fiance and I will get married at my parent’s house in the backyard one sunny afternoon. There will be beer, pizza and nobody has to dress up. I do feel like I should do something special with my friends though. Traditional weddings have so many things the bridesmaids need to do. There are bridal showers, bachelorette parties and so many other tasks that they have to do. I think I am going to sign the girls and I up for a bridal fitness class. The idea is that the bride and bridesmaids work with a personal trainer in order to fit into their dresses. The personal trainer decides where weight should be cut and tailors exercises to those problem areas. I think the bridal fitness class will be fun and more of an easy going thing. I have four girls that I am very close with. The group of us could go once a week to a semi-private training class in order to just hang out. We all would love to be in shape, but are not too worried about it. So I think that will make personal training more fun. There is no stress about fitting into a dress. There isn’t going to be a professional photographer following us around to document how we look. I really just want to do the class to get together with my friends and have it be something different. I think it could be fun.


Personal Fitness Trainer