Summer thunderstorms are okay, power outages are not!

Summer seems to bring a thunderstorm every afternoon around here.

I guess the really hot and humid weather lends itself to forming those thunderheads or whatever. I’m not particularly opposed to summer thunderstorms. I have fond childhood memories of watching storms come in and feeling the excitement and electricity in the air as the wind picked up and the black clouds started rolling in. I still enjoy watching storms arrive, but what I don’t enjoy is losing power in the middle of the summer when it’s really hot outside! Our part of the electricity grid has seemed to deteriorate over the past couple years. How else do I explain losing power so often during the summer storms? I have gotten pretty tired of leaving work around five ‘o clock, trying to get home before the heavens open up and finding that I’ve already lost power by the time I get home! Sometimes it will be late into the night before it is restored and by then, half of the night is gone and I’m lying in my bed sweating like a pig! It makes me want to invest in a generator so that my air conditioning unit will continue to run despite not having power. That’s probably a really good idea anyway, because I happen to live on the east coast and we do get hurricanes rolling in every now and then. There are many things I can deal with when it comes to a power outage, but losing use of the air conditioning unit is not one of them. Having the air conditioning unit running is vital to me getting a good night’s rest!

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