Movie nights in perfect air conditioned comfort

My buddy’s house has become the place for movie night.

We have thought of something quite clever really.

You see, me and my friends have pretty much sworn off going to the movie unless it’s a particularly big blockbuster that we really do want to see on the big screen. However, we might run into those four or five times a year at the very most. For the rest of the time, we have determined it’s best to hang out at my buddy’s house. He’s got a really nice home entertainment system, and a subscription to a streaming service that puts out movies pretty darn quickly once they’ve been in theaters. Plus, and perhaps most importantly, his air conditioning unit makes the movie watching experience feel amazing! It’s why we love hanging out at his place in particular no matter what we’re doing, especially during the summer! He has a really high-end air conditioning model, but, as he is fond of telling us, it’s more than that. He takes really good care of his air conditioning system, going through all the lengths imaginable to make it function as efficiently and effectively as possible! In fact, he turned me on to the HVAC company he was working with, and they are fantastic! He tells us we can all have great air conditioning systems like his, but I don’t know about that. I don’t know what it is, but his place seems comfortable in particular. Maybe part of it is he’s the only bachelor among us, and when we hang out at his place, we can get away from our wives and girlfriends!

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