HVAC maintenance after hours

This actually costs almost three times more than regular HVAC repair

Sometimes when heating and cooling emergencies happen, you have to act fast depending on the time of the year. Summer is one of those times. I have a major emergency go down one really hot Summer when my central air conditioning system decided to break down in the late night hours! I was freaking out, because there are no hotels in my local area to go to, so I needed to find a way to get that air conditioning system serviced right then and there. That was when I thought to look online and have a search for after hours HVAC maintenance. I found one that serviced my area and I called them right away! How amazing these after hours HVAC repair folks were, is that they were at my house within 10 minutes of my phone call! Now that is something you don’t even get with your regular local heating and air conditioning company! These HVAC specialists at this HVAC maintenance after hours company had my central air conditioning system back up and running within less than a half an hour. I was very impressed! Although, what I wasn’t impressed with was the super high bill I was left with for the after hours service. This actually costs almost three times more than regular HVAC repair. So let’s just say, this bill for under 30 minutes of work was over three hundred dollars. But, I will pay it of course, because it was worth every penny for the time they arrived, and the fact that I wouldn’t have to die in this heat!
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