My school had an HVAC class and I am so glad they did

When I went to highschool I really wasn’t interested in anything. The only class I was interested in was my HVAC class. At first I only took the HVAC class because I heard it was easy, but it turned out to be very difficult. I liked the HVAC class because I got to work with my hands and the HVAC teacher was really cool. I ended up getting the best grade in my HVAC class and I was the only person that could successfully fix an air conditioner on our final exam. The HVAC teacher told me he liked me so much that he wanted to train me more in HVAC. He owned an HVAC company and I would go after school most days to the shop. After awhile I was skipping class just to go to the HVAC shop and work on things. My parents didn’t care that I skipped class because I had decided I was going to be an HVAC technician. In our town it was a good thing to be an HVAC technician because there weren’t many and you could make a good deal of money. I never graduated high school and I never got officially certified as an HVAC technician. Despite not earning a diploma or certification I own my own HVAC company and I don’t even have to do anything. After working with the HVAC teacher for a few years I landed upon some money from a family friend and I bought a building and a van. I stocked the building with HVAC parts and I hired my old HVAC teacher as my head HVAC technician. After a year we had the most popular HVAC business in the area and it’s still going strong.

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