My portable air conditioner needs to be replaced, and soon

You know, I just can’t stand when I’m dealing with issues that involve the heating or air conditioning in my home.

When I was living in a house with two other friends during our college years, it was extremely aggravating to wait around for an HVAC repair technician to come fix our central A/C system.

Now, I live in an apartment by myself. My heating comes from the fireplace in the living room, and the air conditioning comes from one of two window A/C units in my apartment. The portable window A/C unit in my living room is fine, but the one in my bedroom has been acting pretty out of character lately. The thing is, I don’t have to wait around for any heating and A/C repair technicians. I don’t have to call and schedule an appointment over a week in advance, nor do I even have to worry about being home while it is fixed! Instead, all I do is return this window A/C unit and use the money I get back to help pay for a new unit. It’s that simple! Now, don’t confuse what I’m saying here, because this doesn’t mean a window A/C unit works in every living situation. If I was still living in a house, I would definitely still want to have central air conditioning and heating! In fact, if I didn’t have a window A/C unit for my bedroom as well as my living room, I would hate not having central air conditioning for my apartment. But, this system works for the time being due to how small my apartment is! So like I said, all I have to do with these systems is replace them entirely then they break down. Simple works, for the time being.


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