Ductwork Cleaning Went Smoother Than Expected

Every year I get my ductwork cleaned, and I always expect it to take all day for the heating and air conditioning worker to get it done.

I always know how much I am going to pay, because they charge hourly, and I base everything on that.

Well, this year there must of have been a financial angel on my side or something, because the certified heating and air conditioning expert they sent out was in and out of my house within one hour! I could not believe that! One single hour to clean my entire ductwork! It usually takes them about 2 hours, maybe a little over 2 hours sometimes. This certified heating and air conditioning specialist they sent this time was truly a miracle worker if I ever seen one! At first, I was thinking he was the reverse. And that the job of cleaning my ductwork was going to be a rush job and not done right. But to be honest, it is probably the best and most detailed ductwork cleaning I had ever got in my entire life! I have been having my ductwork cleaned every season for the last 12 years, so that is saying a lot! I was so happy about the great job the certified heating and air conditioning specialist did, that I paid him for an extra hour as a tip! That really made him happy. And i’m sure his family was happy too at one hundred and five dollars per hour! I will try to get this guy again next year, believe me.

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