What kind of space heater should I buy?

When I bought my home, I knew that there was no heating for the one room in the house.

It looked like it had been an add-on and the people who built the room must not have thought it was necessary to heat the room. I wanted to use the room for a spare bedroom and there was no way I was going to let someone sleep in there if there was no heating or air conditioning. I checked into a space heater for the room, but I had no idea what kind to buy. I found an oil-filled radiant heat space heater. The space heater had many safety features that I really liked. There was a tip over safety feature where the unit would shut off if it was knocked over. There was a shut-off feature if the heating system would overheat. I also liked that the heater wouldn’t get hot to the touch. I looked at the heater and I knew it was exactly what I was looking for, but I couldn’t see having it in my spare room. It would stick out like a sore thumb. I had the room remodeled and I didn’t like the idea of having a space heater in the room. I called the HVAC company and asked what they thought about the space heater for my room. They told me I had chosen a great space heater, but since I wanted air conditioning and heating, they thought I would benefit from a mini split HVAC system instead of a space heater. Now I have one more option for heating to consider.


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