What kind of HVAC is there at major theaters?

A bucket list item of mine has always been to see a musical on a major stage.

This fall I am going to do it. I booked a plane ticket to a big city and a hotel room right by the theater. I also got tickets for two musicals to see while I am in the city. I am so excited for this trip I can hardly contain myself. I am prepared to be wowed and amazed the entire time as well. I am a little worried about climate control though. You need to dress up when going to a musical. It is a classy thing and your wardrobe shows it. The theater I go to is all historic and only has baseboard radiators. This type of heating was so the structure and original frame of the building was not disrupted. So seeing shows in the winter in my town is feasible. In the summer I just prepare to sweat since AC is not offered. I would think at the larger venue I am going to will have better temperature control. Will the building be as old as the one I was in before? If so, then ductless HVAC mounted on the wall is not possible. I will be dealing with the same situation. I bet the city theater is more modern. I bet the chairs are comfy, the building is new and that means great heating and air conditioning. I need to know though. I want to know if I need to bundle up for the fall weather or expect quality heating while I watch my two musicals.


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