I inherited a mansion that didn’t have an HVAC system

Recently, I just learned that I had an uncle who passed away.

I honestly didn’t even know the man, but evidently I was his only nephew and his property was passed down to me.

He had this very ancient mansion that was absolutely huge. I was renting before I inherited this property and I decided to check everything out. I thought it would be great to live in this place, but it was way too big. I figured I could sell the place but it would take a lot of work before it was ready for the market. There was actually no HVAC system in the whole place. There were only fireplaces for heating. There was also a pretty nice kitchen with a gas stove and all, but no gas furnace! I was wondering how in the world I was going to keep this place cool in the summer months. I could use the fireplaces but the rooms were so big, it would take a lot of wood to keep the place heated up. I finally decided to get a hold of a local HVAC company and see what I could do with the place. After going over the options, the ductless mini-split sounded like the best idea. This way I didn’t have to worry about installing a ductwork system and I would also have zoned HVAC to heat and cool the rooms of the property I was using. The place was so huge, I was grateful that I wouldn’t have to pay a small fortune to heat and cool the entire property.

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