An air purification system may be the answer

A home is supposed to be a refuge from the elements on the outside.

A home provides shelter from the heat and cold and the wind and rain.

Generally, it’s the place you want to be for safety and comfort, so why was I so miserable in my own home? Well, it was not so much a problem with the heating or the air conditioner. It had more to do with the quality of the air. For the longest time, I assumed that allergy medication was my only possible respite from my allergy symptoms. I failed to consider the source of the problem. The air I was breathing in my home only caused my symptoms to get worse. It was a suggestion from a friendly HVAC technician who was visiting one day that got me thinking about air filtration systems. He noticed that I was suffering from seasonal allergies and he also noticed that the air quality in my home was not the best and was probably contributing to them. He showed me a catalog that included some air purification systems that the HVAC company was willing to sell me. I was actually very interested. I don’t know why I had not considered that I was experiencing poor air quality in my home. I chose one of the air purification units that was his personal suggestion for my home. Once it was installed and working, I must say that I almost immediately felt relief from my allergy symptoms. Now, I don’t know what I would do without an air purification system and I suffer from allergies a whole lot less!

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