A mysterious and annoying noise coming from the air conditioner

My air conditioner unit within my home is supposed to be a source of comfort and most of the time it is.

It has served me well these past several years, but I noticed a problem developing recently.

I could not say what exactly the cause of it was, but there was this horrible sort of rattling noise whenever the air conditioner would cycle on and off. It was quite jarring and woke me up on more than one occasion. My wife did not appreciate it very much either, though she is a much heavier sleeper than me. It was the kind of noise that was very difficult to get used to and eventually, we’d had enough. We had not noticed any adverse effects on the air conditioner unit just yet, but those sounds were still worrying, so we called out an HVAC technician anyway. Once he arrived, he did some checking here and there, and he eventually discovered the problem. Some machinery had come loose or something and was making the horrible noise. Luckily, it merely required being set back into place and fastened tight so as not to make the noise anymore. That may have not been anything detrimentally wrong with our air conditioner unit, but truly, that noise was annoying! The HVAC technician also commended us for calling him out when we did. Apparently, the situation could have gotten worse and something really could have broken down that would have cost far more to repair. Well, that was certainly a relief, and now it was back to good old peace and quiet on the homestead!


furnace/heater repair