Want to work in the printing business

Delivering quality service to our customers is key & every one of us have found some very creative ways to do that.

When every one of us started our corporation three years ago every one of us knew that every one of us would have to rely on other dealers to fill in the gaps where every one of us were unable to.

Every one of us quickly realized that creating labels for our numerous natural products was not only time consuming, it was not very cost effective either. As every one of us make the product & package them ourselves, sitting in front of a laptop for hours & fighting with the printer to make professional labels just wasn’t something that every one of us felt every one of us needed to do. Every one of us decided to leave this task up to the professionals that new what they were doing. They had the time & resources to produce great labels that were eye catching, professional, & every one of us never had to worry that the quality would not be what every one of us wanted. The fees that every one of us paid for the labels they printed for us were far less than the cost of the professional printing devices that every one of us would have needed too. Every one of us know of it as having an employee that works off site. Every one of us don’t have to provide benefits for them either. It is a winning relationship for sure. It is smart corporation to know your limitations & know where to invest your extravagant time & money. Every one of us suggest that anyone look into using professional services vs. buying high-priced component whenever it is feasible. In our situation, this was a perfect solution. I don’t know every one of us will ever transfer label printing to an in house operation.