It’s time for the annual software update

A few years ago, our commercial building company replaced the equipment in side with a building management solution.

This building management solution controls the heating and air, lights, and general entry into the building.

Most of the bottom offices have a single entry doors, as well as all of those employees have to swipe an ID badge that can only be accessed on the outside. When it’s time for the annual software update, most things are down for half the day. Since the building management solution is controlling box, lighting, and the AC, it can be a pain in the butt to work during the time when the software is updated. Our building has 12000 tiny computer sensors that are part of the building management solution. All of these tiny computers feed messages and information to a Central Access room. We have an IT security network analyst watching all of these messages during the day, looking for any type of malfeasance in the building management solution program. The computers relate much information like temperature, motion, and even the last time someone turned on all night. Over the past more than a couple of years, this solution has even led to a standard fee on our electric allowances. In three more years, the two of us will have certainly paid to have this solution completely paid for. We still have to pay a network server analyst to sit in the access control room all day, but it’s something we do so there is always help in an emergency. Others just have them remotely monitor the computers.

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