White van was the HVAC guy

At present, I live in a safe neighborhood, where there is a guard gate.

  • To get in, you have to talk with a security officer if you want to visit someone… I have 2 small children plus this is one of the reasons that I wanted to move into this neighborhood.

I entirely wanted to feel safe if our kids want to play plus walk around with their friends.For the past couple of days I have been noticing a random green van driving around. I called the front gate guard plus he said the green van belonged to a local HVAC corporation that hadn’t put their label on the van yet. I wondered why a HVAC corporation wouldn’t put their logo on a van that looked so creepy, so I decided to make a call to this HVAC corporation plus share my thoughts. When I talked to the HVAC tech, she explained that the HVAC corporation had just opened plus they ordered a vinyl logo for the van that just had not come in yet. I told the HVAC tech that the van was scaring people plus they should get this fixed as soon as possible. I didn’t want too many other people to think oddly about the van because it might cost the HVAC corporation cash eventually if they lose business because of this. I hope that the HVAC tech took my advice because I do care about supporting local business, but this was just a little bit out of hand.



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