Using an air purification system for the first time

The housing market had just crashed when I bought my first home.

I was eager to get some roots planted, so I may have been a bit rushed in my decision to buy the house itself.

There was no shortage of problems, headaches and endless sources of repair bills – especially with the heating and A/C system! It wasn’t just a matter of the heating and air conditioning units performing below expectations, but it was the odor they produced as they ran. It was terrible! I can deal with heating and air conditioning systems that don’t run as well as they could, but a foul smell as a side effect is just too much for me to bear. Before I had an HVAC service team rip the entire system out of my house, I decided to reach out to one of my buddies who dealt with a similar issue at his house. When I asked him about how he fixed the smell produced by his HVAC system, he simply said that he invested in an air purification system. This was the ideal approach for him, as he could effectively treat the terrible smell using an air purifier that neutralized the smells created by his system. Plus, he also invested in an exhaust fan for the attic of his house, which would greatly improve the home’s ability to circulate air that was both hot and foul-smelling out of the house. Ultimately, I found that this was the best approach to follow, as it wasn’t half as expensive as a complete heating and air conditioning renovation!

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