Upset over the humidifier

This past winter that just ended, my entire family as well as myself took a nice long vacation to a warm climate while it was totally freezing cold where we normally are! You see, we drove across the country to a hot and warm nice beach apartment we rented out from a local leasing office down there where the temperatures were in the upper 80’s all week! The people I was with and I were so blissful and totally over the moon as well as the sky about the trip, I forgot to turn off the furnace at home – and also even more so, I forgot to shut down the humidifier in our house too! The furnace itself will automatically shut off after 24 hours of continuous use as a failsafe, but the humidifier will not in any way shape or form! Unfortunately, that piece of the unit is actually old-fashioned, and won’t just stop running, but well, since our apartment has several hardwood floors, the excessive humidity can start to cause problems into the floors. When all of us in my entire family got home from our unbelievable week at the beach, I walked into the home and saw the disfigure done to the floors. The floors throughout the entire place creaked and warped with each step I took! I was so annoyed and upset with it all, I instantly went over to the furnace and shut off the humidifier. Then and there, I called our local heating, ventilation and a/c repair business, and requested right away a quote for getting a modern humidifier system for the house.

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