I might dump the dude over how much he likes AC

Can you break up with someone over ? Everyone talks about deal breakers in relationships and might be mine.

  • I did not realize how much I dislike A/C until I started dating my woman James.

She must run a few degrees hotter than the average woman In the Wintertide she will even want AC. Anytime every one of us are in the vehicle I suppose I need to pack a jacket and wear it. She has to have the entire drive, rolling down the windows does not suffice. I dislike that I have to be cold cold since she can’t go without A/C for a hour. Our house cooling is just horrible. She wants the A/C cranked in summer time and hardly any heating in the winter. The real kicker is that at night she uses a window Apparently the house Heating and Air Conditioning doesn’t do enough for him. James has a window cooling component to supply noise, air blowing and extra cold when she sleeps. I now refuse to sleep inthe same room with him. I freeze all day and in the car. I won’t freeze at night either. I have started sneaking the off when she is not paying attention. I also have tried getting out of driving to places together. She refuses to meet myself and others halfway with cooling settings. So I just can’t be around her freaky A/C needs as much. This does not sound like our relationship is going well right? Can I actually dump him because she is unusual about ?

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