HVAC guy had a white van

Recently, we moved to safe neighborhood, there is a guard at the gaard, You have to talk with a security officer if you want to visit someone.

I have 2 small kids and this is the main reason that I wanted to move into this neighborhood.

I certainly wanted to feel safe if our kids want to play and walk around with their friends! However, for the past few days, I have been seeing a strange, white van driving around. I called the front gate guard and they said the white van belonged to a local Heating plus A/C company that hadn’t attached their label to the van yet. I wondered why a Heating plus A/C company wouldn’t put their logo on a van that looked so weird, so I decided to make a call to this Heating plus A/C company and share my concern. When I talked to the Heating plus A/C tech, he explained that the Heating plus A/C company had just opened and that they had commissioned a vinyl logo for the van that just had not come in yet. I told the Heating plus A/C tech that the van was certainly frightening people and they should certainly get this fixed as soon as possible.I didn’t want too many other people to think wrongly about the van because it might cost the Heating plus A/C company money in the long run if they lose customers because of this. I hope the Heating plus A/C tech took our advice because I certainly do care about supporting local business. This was just a wee bit out of hand.

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