How a heat pump is so effective

A heat pump is the most energy efficient Heating and Air Conditioning chance on the market, and one reason is that you are getting both heating and air in one single system, then this is one Heating and Air Conditioning upgrade cost, one device to get repairs and a Heating and Air Conditioning tune up on! Everytime the Heating and Air Conditioning company comes into the house, that one device gets all the care.

That is why the heat pump can live a little longer than most Heating and Air Conditioning equipment… Another reason the heat pump is efficient is how it works.

There is an indoor and outdoor component that is hooked with refrigerant tubes and piping, and heat energy is then pumped either indoors or outdoors, depends on if you want heating. This is a certainly efficient way to supply heating. It also is cleaner and better for your air quality. If you want a little more efficiency, consider a geothermal heat pump. The outdoor component is not in the sod, however buried under it in a loop system. It uses the heat energy that is protected underground in the winter. Another reason a heat pump is certainly efficient is that it can be used for zone control. It is ductless so that means every room can have its own control component that only affects that space, then unused areas in the home don’t need to have Heating and Air Conditioning. The control units also can have timed programs and be set to turn off when the homeowner is not around. The energy savings using zone control is quite shocking. A heat pump is a high initial expense, however it saves energy each month and pays back itself.

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