Wow, that smells

My parents got divorced and I got my father in the separation. I love my dad but I can see why my mom gave him the boot. The man is super messy and tracks mud all over the place. He requires meat with every meal and is weird about climate control. In the winter he wants the heating equipment to be set to 85 degrees. In the summer he wants AC, but the air can’t blow directly on him. Rather than fighting over the thermostat and trying to find a temperature control program that could work, I just invested in zone control. I had the ductless HVAC system anyway. I just added more indoor air handlers. Every room in the house got their own system and thermostat. Each room can be set to unique temperatures and not affect the other one, creating HVAC zone control. This works out well for my dad and I. He can blast his room with heating or cooling depending on his mood. I get to control my bedroom to what I want. Since I cook I run the kitchen temperature. Since my dad stays in the living room a lot, he runs that HVAC equipment. Now that I have zone control and he is happy with his temperature, the other things about him are not too bad. If I could get him to pick up and eat veggies once in awhile, I will be pushing my mom to give him another chance. Zone control in the house is awesome too. I know she would enjoy it.

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