We did the prep work

I had ordered & got installed one of those current control units on the market called a smart control unit. They are supposed to be the next best thing in control units & better than sliced bread the way all the heating & undefined companies talk about them. Well, I have to say, within a few weeks of having our smart control unit, the darn thing broke on me! I called back the local heating & undefined corporation that talked myself and others into getting the smart control unit in the first venue raging mad & telling them I wanted our currency back! They easily ended up calming myself and others down telling myself and others it was under warranty, & they would send out a certified heating & undefined specialist to take a look at the smart control unit on the wall & see if they could fix it, or if maybe I just ended up getting a faulty product all together. If it was a faulty smart control unit, I will just get a brand new, new, & even more extravagant updatement since they said they would supply myself and others our choice of a more lavish smart control unit if this one was easily faulty! It turned out that was exactly the case, & that the smart control unit on the wall was in fact fault from the factory, so suppose me, I chose the most lavish & extravagant one I could find for a updatement! That was a few months ago now. I can particularly say, that since I have a toiling smart control unit finally, I can indeed say that I see what all the fuss was about. This thing is great!