This breeze was chilly

For the past two years living in a apartment complex with my husband, we have both thought that our neighbors hated us. Whenever we would see them leaving or coming back we would wave and say hello, and they would just respond with a blank stare or with a scowl. We had no idea what we had done to be hated by strangers, so we both just chalked it up to them being cranky people. It wasn’t until we finally replaced our old heated gas furnace until we found out that had been the problem all along! The heated gas furnace that we had before we upgraded to radiant heated flooring was a very old model. My parents had given it to me because I really needed one and couldn’t afford to buy a brand new or slightly used one. It was a very noisy unit, sometimes waking us up in the middle of the night with all of the strange sounds it makes when it running on full power. Only a few days after having made the switch to the radiant flooring, our neighbors stopped us as we were returning home and thanked us for finally cutting down on the “noise.” We were both confused for a second, and then realized that they had been hearing our old and noisy heated gas furnace run for the past two years! I knew that the walls were thin, but I didn’t know they were that thin or else my partner and I would have done something sooner. After finally being able to talk to them, we are becoming friends and we are planning a couples date for next week! I sure am glad we made the change, and I am sure that our neighbors are as well!

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