The A/C was rendered useless

I have lived in the same neighborhood since my childhood. When I grew up and graduated high school, I never decided to leave the area like most of my friends did. I ended up getting an older house about 15 minutes away from where I grew up. In the house had an old gas furnace that had to have been there for more than 20 years. The gas furnace had worked pretty well for me for a long time, but recently, that same gas furnace crapped out. I was trying to figure out if replacing the gas furnace or if just upgrading to central heating would be best. After doing some price checks, it looked like to replace the gas furnace would cost me anywhere from three to four thousand dollars. Sadly, the gas furnace was beyond repair. So with this in mind, I had to make a choice. After some further research, I found out that just upgrading my HVAC unit to a heating and cooling system would be way cheaper. To get just a basic heating and cooling system, I would only have to pay anywhere from 700 dollars to a thousand dollars. That is a lot better than three to four grand for a new gas furnace. I called the local and friendly heating and air conditioning company and had them schedule an HVAC appointment to come and install a brand new basic heating and cooling system for the following week. I sure will miss my old gas furnace, but I am not wealthy, so saving money is my main agenda at this time.

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