That system is awesome

I had ordered and got installed one of those new thermostats on the market called a smart thermostat. They are supposed to be the next best thing in thermostats and better than sliced bread the way all the heating and air conditioning companies talk about them. Well, I have to say, within a few weeks of having my smart thermostat, the darn thing broke on me! I called back the local heating and air conditioning company that talked me into getting the smart thermostat in the first place raging mad and telling them I wanted my money back! They actually ended up calming me down telling me it was under warranty, and they would send out a certified heating and air conditioning specialist to take a look at the smart thermostat on the wall and see if they could fix it, or if maybe I just ended up getting a faulty product all together. If it was a faulty smart thermostat, I will just get a brand new, up to date, and even more pricey replacement since they said they would give me my choice of a more expensive smart thermostat if this one was actually faulty! It turned out that was exactly the case, and that the smart thermostat on the wall was in fact fault from the factory, so believe me, I chose the most expensive and pricey one I could find for a replacement! That was a few months ago now. I can honestly say, that since I have a working smart thermostat finally, I can indeed say that I see what all the fuss was about. This thing is great!

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