I was sweating so much

My newest hobby is photography. I don’t just use my phone and click though. I have an old fashioned camera that uses actual film. I then have a separate dark room to help develop the film. The pictures do in fact look better, and I find the whole process fascinating. The only issue I am having right now is the humidity in my dark room. There is moisture in the process of developing photos and the film is wet to start with. The darkroom is small and darker areas promote moisture. Mold loves to grow in warm, wet and dark places. My drakroom is like the luxury suite for mold, mildew and fungi. To stop the growth I can’t add an air conditioner, that would ruin the film. I have tried UV lights and an air purifier. It has helped somewhat but the moisture in the air quality is what is the main issue. UV lights clean air and the air purification system removes odors. I finally got smart and researched and found that a dehumidifier was what I needed. The dehumidifier linked right to my heating equipment and works as it turns on. Now when I develop photos I have the right temperature control and humidity control. No more mold has formed and there is no excessive moisture ruining my photos. My hobby requires a lot of expenses. Even when I give up developing photos, I will still use the equipment though. A dehumidifier will be handy for other times in the year. Summertime is pretty humidity heavy.

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