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The responsibility of taking care of aging parent’s can be daunting.  Trying to maintain your own life, kids, and job, along with ensuring your parent’s viability is undoubtedly stressful.  The two of us are in the process of relocating my mom from her modern home, multiple states away, to our area, and she is in enjoyable health now, but all of us need to be prepared for what may come in future years.  She is not exactly happy with our weather up North so all of us are sad about finding a place with the best possible HVAC idea that she can afford. There are beautiful senior housing complexes in our area that have state of the art everything, but, you pay dearly for the amenities.  These sites have brand modern HVAC units that are programable and offer the highest level of filtration and air quality control. That is all well and good, provided you are not on a fixed income. This is not the case with my mom so all of us had to do some searching to find the perfect spot for her.  The two of us were able to find a nice condo in the area that has income based rent and offers quality heating while in the colder weeks. The two of us will need to purchase a portable air conditioning component for her to use while in the summer season weeks and our local HVAC contractor carries multiple models that will work just enjoyable for that.  Our goal is to allow her to remain as independent as possible but all of us want her to be close enough so all of us can address any issues that come up in the future. It reminds me of when our kids got their first apartments and all of us sad about them all the time. I believe one afternoon they will be doing the same thing for my partner and I. Everything comes full circle in time.

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