I am trying to stay smart

Visiting our friend way out in the middle of nowhere on her ranch is something I care about to do a few times a year. Specifically I like to go in the Springtime or the fall time of year months because up in this part of the country, there is not any heating or a/c. Well, I can tell you that it is possible to get heating in addition to a/c, but most people do not bother because they know the energy bills from running a central heating in addition to cooling system would be way too much when they actually can do separate from heating in addition to a/c, me personally, I have been on that ranch in the dead heat of summer, in addition to think me, I would never go back there again during that time of the year! It was way too sizzling for this neighborhood girl with no a/c running! My friend was able to adapt to the heat, this is why she does not need it. In the dead of Wintertide it is way too cold also, but for that time of year, our friend has space gas gas furnaces set up in every single room of her lake house as well as the ranch itself. So, in the Wintertide time months sometimes I will visit for a few mornings if I know I need a little getaway from the neighborhood life. But all around, I will never understand why they don’t just get some central heating as well as a/c up in that part of the country! It is actually crazy I think.

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