A HEPA filter

It was a rough couple of days a while ago. Back over the summer, but my family plus I had to take shelter at a friend’s condo when a drastic storm blew over the city, and we had to stay at his condo for almost a month further when the people I was with and I saw the level of damage to our home! When the people I was with and I showed up outside our house, everything looked okay from the outside, however, the people I was with and I didn’t realize until later that one of the windows had been totally broken by a falling tree branch, so rain had been pouring into the condo for a full day! The odor was nasty, similar mildew, but added in with rotten trash. It’s a good thing the people I was with and I had the UV air purifier installed! Both of us had the fantastic sense to have an UV air purifier added to our home’s heating, ventilation plus undefined as a means of reducing pollen plus bacteria concentration indoors. It was now working wonders for me plus my two kids as well, since the all have major sensitivities to dust plus pollen, then the HEPA air filter the people I was with and I switched to also made a big difference in the indoor air conditions, though using it meant that the people I was with and I had to also go out and purchase a duct booster fan installed to help with air circulation. The HEPA air filters are legitimately thick, but that’s area of how it can trap thousands of particulates. If not for that whole-condo air purifier, I guess the people I was with and I might have to just start over in a completely weird place.

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